RTM is a progressive organization working with all parts of the fashion industry to create a lasting endeavour that will progress the working model into a more modern way of operating within the industry.  

Models are pivitol to brands selling to consumers. Even financial organisations can use models to sell their latest banking deal. So why should the model be the least respected and protected of all the moving parts?

RTM switches this around making models aware of their role within the industry through training. This training is to ensure the working model is properly prepared, has a step-up into the industry and understands things like IP rights, contracting and finance as part of their job description. Models are self-employed and responsible for their careers, so it is up to them to take a more active role in this process. 

RTM is also involved with best practice and standards throughout the industry. The RTM Professional Model Pledge has been developed so that casting directors, models, agents and photographers can talk about the expectations on set, at a casting or at a show. Starting a conversation about expectations, even if they cannot be met, avoids any fall out after the fact.

RTM also has a wider remit. That of human trafficking and sex trafficking. The industry is being used as a lure for young people. This is a global industry with no borders and no controls making it is easy to use and abuse the system. RTM is working with governments and organizations to stop and plug this hole in the system.


The Responsible Trust for Models works with the fashion industry to protect, educate and support models, ensuring them the best possible career and a safety-net against abuse. Participation in our programme will act as an assurance of best practice in all areas, including mental and physical health, gender equality, sustainability and ethical employment, guaranteeing the absence of slavery and child labour in the supply chain and that NO BODY has been damaged in the making of these goods."


  1. A structured educational curriculum for models to learn their trade with the RTM Professional Model Course

  2. A global standard, respected and recognised by industry professionals, using the RTM Professional Model Pledge

  3. An RTM kite mark which identifies the best model agencies who reach the highest standards of best practice