1. To allow the fashion industry to thrive and operate globally with best practice and standards guaranteed

  2. To ensure every young person entering the modelling industry receives training and support

  3. To recognise those model agencies who have signed the RTM Professional Model Pledge as those to be trusted

  4. For all brands to be able to show that their supply chain is ‘clean’ with regards to models

  5. To prevent abuse before it occurs and to make it easier to report if it does

  6. To change the public perception of modelling so that the profession is better understood and respected


The fashion industry is a wonderfully positive force in the world – it enriches lives, stimulates economies and offers an exciting and potentially stellar career to many young people. We are not attempting to change the glamour associated with this industry. We wish only to quieten the negative voices and aid in protecting the vulnerable within the industry.

Together, the fashion industry’s most influential brands, model agencies and influencers can overturn negative voices and press by working together to create transparency, thus crushing the more troubling side of the industry.

Every day young, vulnerable models of both sexes are treated with no respect, underpaid, sexually abused and sometimes even worse. As human trafficking grows ominously throughout the world, so the route to a career as a model can become a treacherous one.

We want you to help us change this for the good.

Shockingly, there is no Code of Conduct for the scouting, recruitment and treatment of these young people who are at a particularly vulnerable time in their lives.

There is no system of accreditation for model agencies, no central place of support for models, no protocol for the scouting of models, and no code of ethics supported by the fashion brands’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


If you are a model, show us your support by encouraging your model agency to become RTM Gold Standard certified.

This independently audited certification will allow you as a model to have a week’s training in a fashion school. The curriculum will include lessons on how to walk, become nutritionally savvy, skin and make-up aware, learn personal finance and contracting, gain photographic expertise, avoid social media traps and develop the skills needed to become the very responsible position of brand ambassador, should your career take you that way.

Once your education has been completed you will become a Gold Standard Model from a certified agency and you will have the support of RTM, which will comprise nutritionists, therapists, doctors, financiers and advisers. You will become part of a worldwide Gold Standard Model Club which will give you cheaper flights, hotel rooms and gyms, places to meet other models and access local city knowledge.


If you are a fashion brand, you can show your support and respect by becoming a member of RTM.

Show your commitment to combining fashion with ethics within the fashion industry and be part of the discussion which will lead to an independently audited global standard certification, thus creating transparency, a Code of Conduct and self-regulation, therefore ending the need for individual legislation in each country.

Once the Code of Conduct has been developed and implemented, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are able to source the models you select for your campaigns from reputable agencies. These Gold Standard agencies will ensure a basic code of conduct, working conditions and protection for your models, ensuring they are fairly treated and well taken care of and that public concern for health issues will be alleviated worldwide.

Make this part of your Corporate Social Responsibility and together we can change negative perceptions of this glamorous industry.


If you are a model agency and would like to become part of the industry discussion on how the Code of Conduct will look, please email

If you are a Gold Standard Certified model agency, your models will have access to a curriculum within a fashion school and ongoing free support from RTM which will encompass nutritionists, therapists, doctors, financiers and advisers.

Publishers and advertisers will be made aware that within their magazines they should only be using models from certified agencies, therefore assuring models are not exposed to rogue and unethical agencies within the industry.

“We need the Models Trust to protect us: To protect us as models now and to protect those coming in the future.”
— Achok Majak, Model