RTM Professional Model Pledge

The fashion community as we know it is growing and expanding its influence and network. It speaks to and informs many young as well as adult population and allows difficult conversations to be had while still allowing glamour and aspiration to be at its heart.

The RTM Professional Model Pledge is a way of uniting those voices that wish to talk about issues within the industry which are holding it back from coming together to combat various human rights and best practice violations within its walls.

The RTM Professional Model Pledge is an informal agreement, a little like the UN sustainability goals, whereby signing and becoming a member gives you a platform in your country as well as a network with which to talk about sustainability, human rights and best practice within the modelling industry. 

The RTM Professional Model Pledge is a working document which sets an expectation to be complied with at events such as shows, castings and shoots. Brands, models and model agencies, production companies and photographers are all asked to sign up to a set of expectations which will allow a level of awareness while using a model.

We ask that before a shoot/casting/show a letter is sent to those you are working with to show them the set of best practice rules within the RTM Professional Model Pledge. If you are unable to comply with various points, you will be asked to make the model and model agency aware of where and why you are unable to comply. Some other arrangement may be made, but above all, the model will be aware and given a choice.

If at any point you feel challenged in anyway and wish to talk about the points or indeed are working with people who do not respect them, then please do not hesitate to contact us for support.

Contact to access the professional Model Pledge.